Coastal Road Mega Project Plan

Balikpapan coastal areas will be developed using the concept of water front, the arrangement is done by integrating the area element of water / sea in the area of ​​planning ;

  • Development of artificial islands with the theme water theme park and riverdeltas Klandasan Besar as a club house,
  • Building orientation and view the area in the edge region oriented toward the ocean,
  • Conservation Pantai Melawai region to create a new coastal areas such as sandybeach area.
  • Development of coastal road,
  • Manufacture and pedestrian path located on the banks directly to the shores of the sea area to enjoy the beautiful landscape Aberdeen waters
  • Provision of space and activities with the theme or exploit the potential and appeal ofthe ocean such as sea food center
  • Boat dock / boat tour,
  • Development of this area as a down town city of Balikpapan has new functions that support such as shopping malls, hotels, modern retail, apartments and civil center.

Locations that will be developed this is a region located in the seaside area of ​​downtown Balikpapan, ranging from around Jl. Sudirman the inside / land as the city’s main street to the beach with a length limit of ± 7.5 km and the direction of the beach is as far as 500 mfrom the lowest low tide the sea water.

Balikpapan city reclamation plan designed among other land accretion, arrangement of parts of the city space, the development of business and residentialcenters, as well as the rearrangement of inter-urban transport system is integrated. Arrangement of parts of the city space, the development of business and residential centers.

Following the coastal city of Balikpapan that will be created coastal road.

A total of 14 investors have expressed interest to assist in building a ring road or coastal beach road. Coastal road in February 2012 this program will be launched.

Hope this mega project will be completely at the start of 2012.


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