List of BIG Projects Currently Running in Balikpapan

1. Sepinggan Airport Expansion

Expansion of passenger terminal will be equipped with facilities aerobridge 10-11units, extension of runways, taxiways to 3250 m, the expansion of parking, andexpansion of airport cargo terminal. Plan according to schedule, the project will be completed in 2013.

  • Area of ​​Terminal: Being an area of ​​110,000 m2 from 14,500 m2 in the previous
  • Capacity max. passengers: Becoming 10 million / year from previously only able to accommodate 1.7 million / year
  • Broad apron: Become 131.372 m2, from the previous 100,372 m2
  • Terminal concept: It will be two levels / tiers, of which only 1 previous level
  • Aviobridges: Will be equipped with 11 units
  • Check in counters: 76 counters will be increased from the previous only 25 counters
  • Baggage Handlng: Shorter conveyor with bar code from the previous system whichonly uses the Manual
  • Capacity of parking: Will be able to accommodate about 2.300an car units plus 22 units of Bus

source 3Dmussmaxs

2. Stadion PERSIBA Balikpapan

It was built on an area of ​​approximately 18 hectares will stand with a variety of Olympic-standard sports facilities. Facilities to be constructed include a football stadium with a capacity of 30,000 seatscomplete with all supporting facilities such as the FIFA standard press conference,two gyms (GOR) for volley ball, badminton. tennis courts, indoor soccer arenas, theme parks, a large parking area, trackathletics, swimming infiltration and equipped sportmall basketball arena.

  • Category: A
  • Capacity: 30,000 seats.

3. Kariangau Industrial Zone

Precisely located in the north of Balikpapan in the district Kariangau accessible by sea (bay Balikpapan) and landline km.13 Balikpapan-Samarinda.

Several supporting infrastructure projects in progress :

  • 2×100 MW power plant by PLN
  • 2×15 MW power plant by PT. Aberdeen Powers(Bayan)
  • Container Ports by Pelindo / Provincial Governments / City Government
  • Balang as a bridge connecting the island with the Balikpapan city district of Paser Penajam Utara
  • Road access to the industrial Zona will be connected by bridges Island Freeway Balang and Balikpapan – Samarinda and Sepinggan International Airport.
Coal Terminal Shipments, Balikpapan Coal Terminal By Bayan Resources.

Pre-Cast Concrete Factory By PT. Balikpapan Ready Mix

Port development progress

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